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TAMBOURINE, is a walk through the garden of rock and roll, firmly rooted in the years 1963 through to 1969. This was the year that brought us Bob Dylanís Blonde on Blonde and Question Mark and the Mysterions. TAMBOURINE captures the diversity of this era and still keeps its hand in todayís world. Tambourine is a classic approach to a brand new collection of rock and roll songs by Fred Eaglesmith. Hooky melodies and classic arrangements in a cinematic setting. 1966 meets 2014. Get your copy here

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6 Volts Special Edition, Put together on the road! There are 4 different front covers and three different back pictures, the cd itself has a different look from the regular pressing too! The recording was done by Fred and Scott Merritt @ Freds studio in Vittoria. It's a one mic, analogue, reel to reel recording, that has an awesome, swamp rock, songwriter sound. The next run will sound the same but the packaging won't be made by us!..... Vintage sound, vintage recording, vintage Fred. Get your copy here

6 Volts Regular Press, 6 Volts Vintage sounding, vintage recording, vintage Fred. This run comes from the factory, since it costs less to make, and doesn't take the blood sweat and tears to package, it goes for the price of a regular Fred CD, even though it's anything but regular!! ENJOY! Get your copy here

Get "You Can't Take a Bad Girl Home" the brand new cd from The Fabulous Ginn Sisters, produced by Fred Eaglesmith. ..."a smoky, drunken stumble through a broken heart junkyard"...Get your copy here

Get "Tif Ginn" Tif Ginn's brand new solo cd. It is incredible. Recorded by Fred Eaglesmith in Fred's studio, with one mic to 1/4 inch tape. It has a rich sound, with great lyrics and fantastic vocals. An all round great sound!Get your copy here

"Hay" Bill Poss' latest album... "Hay for sale!, we got round bales, we got square bales..." Bill's another road warrior who's been cruising North America in an entourage that includes Fred Eaglesmith and the Fabulous Ginn Sisters. He can be found scouring back alleys for used cooking oil to keep the bus on the road. Just follow the smell of french fries... Produced in Vittoria, Ontario, CA by Fred Eaglesmith, recorded on one mic., one track, mono analog, straight to 1/4 in. tape. Get your copy here